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Nouvelle directive européenne.

The Influence on German Law of the EU Firearms Directive

lundi 24 mars 2008, par l’IFAL

was again very strong and clearly notable, Mainlyfor two reasons :
- It proved most unfortunate that the "rapporteur"
- at the European Parliament responsible for the EUDirective
- was the German lady Gisela Kallenbach, Member of the Greens,
- who had no idea whatsoever concerning the facts of the
- German Gun Law put into force by the red and green Government in 2003


The very existence of the EUFirearms Directive- and UNFirearms Protocol - offered a lot of excuses to the bureaucrats and politicians acting within three different Ministries
- to distract from their own ideas and intentions and
- to declare all rules intended to be implemented in the amendment
of the German Law to be in conformity with the EUDirective
based on the UNProtocol

- article en Français

Two examples

which I feel are self-explanatory

-  The Marking of essential gun parts
According to the first bill presented by the German Ministry of the Interior
last year, representing the result of the cooperation with the Ministry of
Economics and, very important, the Foreign Office, all essential gun parts
should be marked

but- not only all essential parts of those guns being manufactured in the future
but also all essential parts of all existing guns in the hands of legal gun owners over many years and even generations

Neither the EUDirective nor the UNProtocol contains such an extensive
and retroactive regulation.

- Export to third countries (outside EU)
For many decades, Germany has had a very restrictive and effective system of export and import licensing and authorization.
This means that for each and every gun and ammunition export we need
an Export Permit granted by the BAFA, an organisation bound to the Ministry of Economics

According to the bill presented by the German Government in November 2007, it would have been necessary to apply for an additional Export Permit from the local gun authorities which, before granting the Export Permit, had to clarify with the country of destination that this tfansaction is legal, licensed and authorized.

Such a double export-permit procedure would most probably have killed the German industry

The UN Protocol simply says in Article 10

Each State Party shall establisch or maintain an effective system of export and import licensing or authorisation...


Obviously, there is

No Influence on German Law of the EU Firearms Directive

Compassion is the birtue of Law ; Only tyrants misuse it for cruelties
(William Shakespaere)


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